Andrea Endimiani

Prof. Andrea Endimiani got a Medical Degree (1999), the Board in Medical Microbiology and Virology (2003), and a PhD in Immunopathology (2007) from the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy). He has been trained in molecular microbiology at the Antibiotic Management Program of University of Pittsburgh (2006-2007) and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland (2007-2010), United States. Currently, he is Associated Professor of Medical Microbiology and Principal Investigator at the Institute for Infectious Diseases of University of Bern (Switzerland). Endimiani’s group focuses on the genetic background of antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative pathogens (particularly those producing ESBLs/carbapenemases and resistant to polymyxins) isolated from humans, animals, food chain, and environment. The group is also very interested in the development of new diagnostic strategies (e.g., microarrays, multiplex real-time PCRs) to speed up the diagnosis of infections due to multidrug-resistant bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases (mainly those due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae).