Jose Antonio Menezes-Filho

Dr. Menezes has bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Federal University of Bahia (1986; master's in Environmental Pollution Control from Pennsylvania State University, USA (1990) and doctoral degree in Public and Environmental health from the National School of Public Health (Fiocruz) with emphasis in Environmental Toxicology (2009).  From 1992 to 2013 coordinated the Laboratory of Toxicology of the Mount Tabor Foundation in Bahia. Currently, he holds a position as Associated Professor of Toxicology at UFBA´s College of Pharmacy and coordinates the Laboratory of Toxicology (LabTox). Has experience in Environmental Toxicology and Epidemiology, focusing on heavy metal toxicity, especially children exposure to lead, manganese and arsenic. Dr. Menezes is accredited adviser in the Graduate Programs in Pharmacy and in Food Science at UFBA.  He collaborates with researchers in studies in several regions in Brazil and in Latin America, like Costa Rica, Ecuador and Uruguay.