Mev Domínguez

I have a BSc degree from the San Marcos University in Lima (Peru) in 2002, a MSc in Sciences

from Sao Paulo University (Brazil) in 2005, a PhD in Oncology from AC Camargo Hospital (Brazil), and

have a hereafter pursued a research fellowship at the Molecular Laboratory in Clermont-Ferrand

(France) during 2010. Since February 2011, I was postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of

Oncology, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Lund University (Sweden) and the Danish HNPCC Register,

Hvidovre Hospital (Denmark). I´m member of Human Variome Project Consortium (HVPC), InSIGHT,

ENIGMA Consortium, International Mismatch Repair Consortium (IMRC), Society for Natural

Immunity and International Study Group on Hereditary Tumors (GETH). Currently, I´m curator of the

Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database (PLSB).

My research interest is around the genetic basis of hereditary cancer, molecular classification

of hereditary and familial cancer in order to address a personalized treatment, next generation

techniques and bioinformatics.